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WIT Albania Center aims to provide services for the development and support of Albanian women and girls in the realization of its economic and social prosperity, through the use of innovative technology and the evolution of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in Albania. For this purpose, the Center will focus on the following activities:

Providing support to civil society and state institutions for the establishment and implementation of EU criteria, norms and standards, in terms of ICT training of Albanian women and girls.

Organizing trainings and activities in order to develop the digital skills of Albanian women and girls, their professional development to advance in the career and social welfare levels.

Providing advanced programs, practices and knowledge for professionals in the field with the aim of influencing the ICT training of Albanian women and girls.

Participation in the design of programs and platforms in the field of ICT, through the development of various projects based on successful evidence, practices and models in the country and in the world.

Cooperation with the Albanian Government, its agencies and institutions, regional and local governments, communities, businesses, civil society and individuals, small and medium enterprises, international organizations, donors, etc., for the development and professional development of Albanian women and girls in the sector of ICT and beyond.

Promoting and supporting research and educational activities, consulting, training, conducting analysis of studies, projects and support services to achieve the purpose of the center.

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A group of successful women working in different fields in ICT created WiT – Women in Technology Albania. This organization focuses on the development and empowerment of girls and women using ICT.

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